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Welcome to the Plant Ontology Wiki

Plant Ontology Consortium Resources

About the Plant Ontology project

PO Releases and Database Updates

Visit the pages below for specific details on each release

Next Release: After Jan 2016, the PO releases will be part of the Planteome Releases see:

For Next Release:

Past Releases:

Last PO Release October 2015 Release 21

Release #20: August 2013 Release_20

Release #19 January, 2013 Release_19

Release #18 July 2012 Release

Release #17 April 2012 Release Page

Release #16 October 2011 Release Page

Release #15 May 2011 Release Page

Release #14 Jan 2011 Release Page

Release #13 October 2010 Release Page

POC Meetings

POC weekly meetings

Minutes of the Plant Ontology Consortium meetings

POC workshops and other meetings

PRO-PO-GO_Meeting Buffalo, NY May 2013



POC Meeting at NYBG; Sept 10th-11th, 2011

POC Meeting and Workshop Nov 4th to 6th, 2010; NYBG, Bronx, NY

POC_Meeting and Workshop June 29th and 30th, 2010 Corvallis, OR

POC Technical Issues Page

Affiliated Ontologies

Plant Disease Ontology

Plant Stress Ontology

Plant Trait Ontology

Plant Environment Ontology

Cell Ontology

Gene Ontology

GCP Crop Ontology

Ontology for Biomedical Investigations

Plant Phenotype Ontology

Population and Community Ontology

POC Collaborators




Angiosperm Phylogeny Web Glossary



CRIBI- Grape Genomics

Flora of North America- FNA

Genome Database for Rosaceae


Live Plant Image Group



Minimal Anatomical Terminology

NASC Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre

OBO Foundry


Oak Ridge National Lab-ORNL



Solanaceae Genome network (SGN)




Wood Anatomy

* New *

Wheat Gene Catalog

JSTOR Herbarium Annotations

- Potential new collaborators:



Cycad Pages

Oregon Flora Project

MASISH- Maize Seed In Situ Hybridization database

International Society of Root Research

List of user group contacts

Links to sites using the PO

Preparation of Ontology Annotation Files

Before submitting new association files please do the following checks:

  • Remove any duplicated rows
  • Remove rows where contents of column 1 through column 15 are identical to any other row.
  • Remove rows containing identical information in all columns aside from column 11 (synonym), and the synonyms should be added to the identical row using a "pipe" |
eg: Autophagy|Isoamylase
  • Rows containing information in column 16 should be kept
  • Rows containing duplicate information in columns 1-15, but lacking information in column 16 should be removed. These rows cause duplicate information to be displayed in the browser.
  • See the image below for an example of duplicate rows differing in only column 16, in this case, the highlighted row would be removed to avoid duplications in annotation.

Demo of deldupe Rfunction1.png

Information about how to use column 16:

Other Helpful Info:

  • Link to the PO_DBXref.txt on the GitHub of the dbxRefs currently in use. There is also a link to this from our "Documentation" page on the PO site.

PO Annotations pages

In progress:

Growth Stage Mappings

Link to Mapping files on the Planteome GitHub


Publications and Other Resources

  • Related Publications References and citations of interest on ontology, published by the PO consortium and collaborators.

If you are aware of a publication that is not on this list, please send us the citation and we will add it.

Plant Ontology Development Guidelines

Developers style guide

Descriptions of relations in the PO

Principles, Rationales and Key Organizing Rules of the PO

The first three pages listed below are not up to date.

Formats of the Ontology Files

Ontology accessions

Creating Dbxrefs to outside Sources:

Note: As of Aug. 2015 the DbXref file is located in the Planteome GitHub Repository/common files

Requesting new ontology terms, or changes to existing terms

  • Xref to the GitHub trackers: PO_GIT:xyz
    • Helpful hint: to create a link in the tracker to another tracker, use: '#xyz'
  • Xrefs to (now deprecated) SourceForge trackers in the OBO file: There are two types of xrefs: prior to mid 2013, they were entered as: OBO_SF_PO:XXXXXXX (7 digit number). After the revision of the SourceForge tracker software in mid 2013, the new Xref format is: OBO_SF2_PO:xxx


  • Custom references maintained by PO, for items without a standard url abbreviation, can be viewed at PO references


Calendar (POC outreach schedule)

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