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Release announcements

January 21, 2011

The latest release (Version #14) of the Plant Ontology is now available on our Ontology Browser.

This release is aimed at restructuring the Plant Structure Ontology to accommodate all plants.

For more information about the release and details on the changes made to the ontology, please visit: Summary of Changes to PO Jan2011

January 7, 2011

A beta version of the new Plant Ontology file is available for internal review. For this release, the former plant_anatomy.obo and plant_structure.obo files have been merged into one file (plant_ontology.obo).

About 10 terms have been obsoleted or renamed/redefined. This may impact annotations from TAIR, MaizeGBD, Gramene and SGN . See New_terms_and_obsolete_terms_for_Jan2011_release, where it is possible to review the changes, with links to the annotation pages and suggestions as to where the annotations should be moved to.

Summary of Changes

For more information about the release, please visit our wikipage with a Summary of Changes to PO Jan2011.

You can also view a list of new terms and obsolete terms for Jan2011 release

How to Provide Feedback

You can send feedback via email from our Feedback link. This is available in the upper left corner of any page on the beta browser. If you have comments on a specific page or term, please include the url of the page/term you are referring to in the appropriate box of the feedback form. Be sure to include your email on the feedback form, so we can contact you with any questions.

You can also contact us at po-discuss@plantontology.org.

All comments from the feedback page go to the po-discuss mailing list. Archives of this list are available at the po-discuss archive.