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See the link to the POC_Conf._Call_5-10-11#Stable_URIs_for_OWL_RDF_version_of_PO_terms

Stable URIs for OWL RDF version of PO terms

Question from Steve Baskauf of the Live Plant Image Group (via email)

"We are working on creating and defining standardized views for live plant images. We have compiled a consensus list of views and have moved into the stage of creating technical definitions for them. We are considering using Plant Ontology terms to indicate the plant part that is the subject of the image.

However, we will probably create the technical definitions in RDF and therefore are interested in URIs to serve as objects of the descriptive properties used in the term definitions. Although the form of the PO identifiers suggests a URI (i.e. a namespace prefix of "PO:"), after surfing through the PO website for some time, I have not been able to find any actual namespace definition for "PO:" in the form of an HTTP URI. Is there one?

Also, the representation of the ontology is apparently OBO format. We are interested in an OWL representation of PO. I realize that there are tools which can do an OBO to OWL conversion, but it would be more straightforward (from our point of view) to be able to refer to a URI which resolves to OWL RDF.

Does that exist? In particular, we would like the end LPIG product to be usable by the LOD/Semantic Web, hence our interest in dereferencable HTTP URIs."

JE responded to them and send them the existing link: PO Owl files with a note of explanation:

"The files available from here correspond to the live version of the PO (ie, not the development version which undergoes frequent changes). However, we are working on updating the system we use to generate these files because much of the information was lost in the obo-owl conversion (such as definitions). I'm not sure if the information you are looking for is currently missing, but just letting you know that we are aware that some info is missing from those files."