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Woody Plant Anatomy Workshop Planning Page:


Link to agenda page: Wood anatomy ontology meeting, 2012 at NYBG, agenda.


The PO is planning to host a workshop for developing a controlled vocabulary for wood anatomy and development.

From Jill Wegrzyn of the TreeGenes Database at UCDavis (email:jlwegrzyn@ucdavis.edu):

"The forest tree community (and in particular the conifers), are interested in collaborating with the Plant Ontology project to develop terms specific to our communities. I currently coordinate efforts on the TreeGenes database and will be leading efforts to integrate ontologies into our existing database."

From Andrew Groover, after meeting with: David and Jill at UC Davis:"

"The wood anatomy ontology can serve as a prototype group for the more extensive project that Jill is leading for forest tree ontologies. The proposal is to get our group of expert wood anatomist together with Jill and at least one member from your group with experience in the process of developing ontologies. The expectation is that, because there is a long history of nomenclature for wood anatomy, this ontology should be rigorous and should come together relatively easily. Hopefully the experience would allow Jill to tackle more challenging ontologies in the future."

  • Develop terms for wood structure in the PAO
  • Develop terms and ontology structure for wood formation,the time course of development
  • Terms to describe wood quality and phenotype, traits- go into TO?

Travel Arrangements

The Plant Ontology will cover the costs of travel for the participants.

The only restrictions with international participants or flights that we need to consider is that they need to be on US carriers, economy class.

We can arrange flights and hotel in NY through our travel agent here, once we have the location dates and participants confirmed.


Should have 2-4 wood anatomy/development specialists plus 2 ontology experts from the PO group

People involved in the discussion so far:

  • Andrew Groover: link [1] Plant Biology, Geneticist, USDA Forest Service, Institute of Forest Genetics
  • Jill Wegrzyn of the TreeGenes Database at UCDavis (Bioinformatics) [2]
  • Aaron Liston [4]
  • Quenton Cronk, UBC, [5]

Suggested Experts to invite:

Would bring his knowledge of the resources associated with the International Association of Wood Anatomist as well as his personal knowledge to the group, currently the president of the International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA), a group with a long history of dealing with anatomical nomenclature.

  • Barb Lachenbruch link Wood science and anatomy, Oregon State University, also note that Barb is part of the IAWA council.

Her personal knowledge of anatomy as well as the challenges associated with creating and maintaining a database would be quite useful. These two could also make sure that prior work is utilized fully and not needlessly repeated.

(suggested by AL: "she has expertise in both wood anatomy and development") (AG: wood anatomist and physiologist)

Jill suggested the following people who work on the Fagaceae Genomics Web: "They would represent the hardwood species and are very interested in contributing to the project."

  • John Carlson (jec16@psu.edu) link
  • Meg (Margeret) Staton (mestato@yahoo.com) Clemson University (the lead on both the hardwoods website and the Fagaceae DB. She represents the other major computational effort in forest trees)


(suggested by QC "He has been investigating the phenotypic variation of wood for association studies and is intimately knowledgeable about the wood features of interest to genomics community").

From the discussion on the 11-8-11 POC Conf call:

  • Steven Janssen, University of Ulm link
  • Fritz Schweingruber, Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Switzerland link, see link to Dendroecology site
  • Annett Boerner, Max Planck Institute Link
  • Peter Gasson Kew link
  • William Stein Bighamtom University evolution of woody plants, anatomy and morphology He is probably not the most appropriate contributor at this point- could bring him on later.


Tentative date: First week of February, around Feb 6th to Feb 9th? (before the middle of February)

BS: I can manage any day from 4 Feb to 14 Feb except 8 Feb

RW: Not available: Jan 24th-26th

Jill: works for her as well.


Consensus is that NYBG would be the best site.

Proposed: meeting in Corvallis, at OSU or at NYBG; This would enable more participants to take part.

- Also possibilities that have been discussed: Cornell and UC Davis

-Also: Andrew Groover got confirmation from Ned Friedman that the Arnold Arboretum would be willing to host the meeting. Suggested: "This would keep down costs and they have a great new facility, and the group could take advantage of not only the conference room but also have access to microscopy and arboretum/herbarium/slide specimens. I think Ned has housing available as well."