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Link to Plant Ontologies at: Gramene

Met informally at CSHL; Oct 27, 2011 with Marcella Monaco. Discussed a few issues on the web page.

Sent follow-up email 12-14-11

Issues with annotations files in the Oct 2011 Release:

Message from JE (10-21-11):

PO:0006318 PO:0006329 PO:0006384 PO:0006441 PO:0006442 PO:0006444 PO:0006445 PO:0006446 PO:0006449 PO:0006450 PO:0006451 PO:0006452 PO:0006455 PO:0006456 PO:0006457 PO:0006462 PO:0006463 PO:0006464 PO:0006465 PO:0006472 PO:0006497 PO:0006508

"The all seem to be from the file po_anatomy_gene_oryza_gramene.assoc and po_anatomy_qtl_oryza_gramene.assoc."

These are terms that were modified when we got rid of the "Zea" and "Poaceae" specific terms. All the ones above are now alternate ids, so they need to be updated. see Eliminating_Zea/Poaceae_terms_from_PO