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See the discussion on POC_Conf._Call_10-20-10

Media:PO_PlantSystematics_template.pdf (large file, takes a minute to download)

Notes from PO_PlantSystematics_conference_call_10-21-11

Notes from PO_PlantSystematics_conference_call_03-11-12

At this meeting, we decided to start by adding a few curated images. Will ask KN to set up a stable URL for linking to individual images.

Link abbreviation will be something like We will have to test it, because maybe having the .org in the link will cause problems. Could just use image_at_PlantSytematics:####.

Update 3-20-12

RW met with KN

He will provide the url to link to individual images at by Friday afternoon, so we can put a few xrefs in for the next release.

KN generated a list of keywords from for mapping to PO, but the list was not very complete, because many people do not add keywords to their images. He is looking into having students work on adding keywords to images, maybe using PO term.

KN, with DWS, is working on a hierarchy of terms for classifying images on, based on different criteria than the PO. We can map this hierarchy to the PO, possibly using OWL to logically define terms. May be able to convert hierarchy to an ontology and create logical definitions from ontology terms.

CUPAC images will have a different link than the images. Can link to them as: image_at_CUPAC:#### or similar.

KN will ask the curator of Phytoimages, which shares the same software as, if he can create a URL to link to their images as well. They have better coverages of some areas of the world and parasitic plants.