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Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center ABRC homepage

The ABRC collects, preserves, reproduces and distributes diverse seed and other stocks of Arabidopsis thaliana and related species.

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Contact: Jelena Brkljacic (brkljacic.1@osu.edu)

Background: We received a list of of ABRC stocks with associated phenotypes, by email, from JB (ABRC Phenotypes for Pankaj (JB 8-24-11).xlsx). From JB: "They are all single mutants; 15 have a term "leaf" within their phenotype; 13 have a term "flower"; 18 have "root"; 12 "seed" and 9 "seedling".

Created Dropbox folder: ABRC Phenotype annotations

Goal: a collaboration with ABRC on annotating their phenotype descriptors with PO, PATO and TO.

11-25-09: PJ asked CM about using Obol:

From CM in reference to the examples set: "Obol works best on controlled syntaxes; the first set would be easy and the second harder, but it could be extended."

See: Mungall CJ (2004) Obol: Integrating Language and Meaning in Bio-Ontologies. Comparative and Functional Genomics 5: 509–520

Question from JB (by email, 11-10-09): "I would like to know what your view on the current status of controlled vocabulary is. What do you think about NASC current POs and PATOs (http://arabidopsis.info/bioinformatics/Ontology_details.html)? Do you think we can build on that? What would you expect from ABRC as an input and what could you provide as an output?"

Needs to be updated: Ontology browser at NASC

Ontologies at NASC: