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The latest release of the Plant Ontology, version #18, is available on our Ontology Browser.

This full database release features 22 new terms in the Plant Anatomical Entity branch of the Plant Ontology, of which 15 involve different types of primordia.

No new terms have been added to the Plant Structure Development Stage branch of the Ontology, although all terms now include the word "stage" in their name.

Two significant new terms have been added to help categorize the problematic plant structures such as fruit and seed, and their parts.

  • multi-tissue plant structure (PO:0025496) has been added as a direct sub-class of plant structure (PO:0009011) and is the new parent term for fruit (PO:0009001), seed (PO:0009010), and plant organ (PO:0009008).
  • cardinal part of multi-tissue plant structure (PO:0025498)- This term includes cardinal parts of plant organs such as leaf lamina (PO:0020039) or receptacle (PO:0009064), as well as parts of other multi-tissue plant structures, such as fruit distal end (PO:0008001) or arilloid (PO:0019022).

A new term, collective plant structure (PO:0025497), was created to describe collections of plant structures and to serve as parent term to collective plant organ structure (PO:0025007) and collective organ part structure (PO:0025269). Note that collective plant organ structure (PO:0025007) was formerly named "collective plant structure" (the same name as the new upper-level term), but was renamed for clarity.

This release also features updated Japanese and Spanish translations of the term names.

For more information about the release, please visit our wikipage with a Summary of Changes to PO July 2012.

You can also view a list of New terms and obsolete terms July 2012 Release

For more information and to view a summary of the release statistics, please visit: Plant Ontology Release #18 July 2012.

Updated Pages on PO site

The PO AmiGO user's guide has been updated with current screen shots and links.

A slide show with an introduction to the PO has been updated.