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  • The "GO" links in the right-hand column of the association view page pop-up a window on geneontology.org pointing to the GO entry for each association (generally via their unique gene id).
  • These links are exclusively generated by db entries in the dbxref table. To create GO links in the "Associated to" column for any particular association, look up that association's individual dbxref entry and set cols exist_in_go = 1 and go_id = (the value of the xref_key).
  • This data is not loaded manually, however. There are Perl and shell scripts (written by Shuly) in /data/www/plantontology/*_amigo/database/link2go for the purpose of downloading GO associations from DB2GO, creating a mapped list of GO and PO associations, and populating this data into the dbxref tbl as described above.
  • We just have to add the appropriate data source entries in the shell scripts once the folks at GO have verified that they have associations for the data in question.