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From release notes: October_2011_Release_Page

In collaboration with MaizeGDB, we have added approximately 1.5 million new associations between Zea mays gene models and Plant Ontology terms. These associations are based on a large NimbleGen microarray data set profiling transcription patterns in 60 tissues of the inbred line B73 (Sekhon, et al, Plant Journal, 2011). The microarray data was associated with ~35,000 Maize Gene models developed from the recent sequencing of the Maize genome.

More information on the data set can be found on the MaizeGDB website: http://www.maizegdb.org/cgi-bin/displayrefrecord.cgi?id=9021423

Sekhon, et al 2011: Link to List of tissues

Notes on the curation process; Plant_Ontology_Annotation_of_Maize_Gene_Expression_Atlas_(Sekhorn_et_al,_2011)