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Unique identifiers assigned to ontology developers

Every term in the anatomy or developmental stage ontology is identified by a unique identifier. Under the conventions that we have already established, the syntax of a PO identifier is PO:nnnnnnn, where nnnnnnn is a zero-padded unique integer of seven digits.

In order to ensure database integrity, identifiers are never removed. Terms that are retired(deleted) from the ontology are moved into the obsolete category. To ensure that the same identifier is not used twice, each participating group will be assigned non-overlapping ID ranges and listed on this page for documentation purposes. These ranges will automatically act as (internal) identifiers for the group that submitted the term.

Group identifier range (from-to)
TAIR 0000001-0005000
Gramene/OSU (Jaiswal lab) 0005001-0010000
IRIS-IRRI 0010001-0015000
MaizeGDB 0015001-0020000
UMSL 0020001-0025000
PO Consortium 0025001-0030000
NYBG 0030001-0035000
Cornell/MAG 0035001-0040000