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Plant Ontology Consortium Charter

The mission of the Plant Ontology Consortium (POC) is to develop a universal controlled vocabularly to describe the anatomic structures and developmental stages of members of the plant kingdom. Consortium members participate in POC core mailing list and depending on their interest in the project and expertise get read/write privileges for the Consortium datasets.

As the project matures, the POC core members will invite other groups to join the consortium. Once admitted to membership the new members will have the same rights and privileges as the existing members.

Criteria to be used when considering for admission to the POC core include (1) willingness and ability to provide a substantial intellectual contribution to the POC; (2) a commitment to the open source and open data principles adopted by the POC; (3) sufficient time to participate in POC conference calls and quarterly meetings; (4) make available their annotations to the consortium and to the public from the POC and their websites with no restrictions; (5) integrate PO in their data resource if managed and/or hosted by them and coordinate mapping of their existing vocabulary to the PO reference.

Academic and industry partners are equally welcome to join the POC core.