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Collaborators and User Groups

  • TAIR email:
  • NASC send to: email:

(not really clear who to send it to here)

  • MaizeGDB Carolyn Lawrence, Mary Schaeffer, Jack Gardiner. No generic contact address
  • PlantTribes Send to: PI: Claude dePamphilis (Penn State)
  • TraitNet Send to coordinators Farshid Ahrestani ( and Dan Bunker (
  • BAR Send to Nicholas Provert and Rohan Patel

Others and Lists

  • OBI- Is Helen Parkinson on the mailing list? - not on po-dev
  • Cell Ontology- send to Terry and Alex- on Po-announce
  • (OBO-Foundry)
  • GO Friends list- yes
  • Trish Whetzel and BioPortal-

Rice Enet and Rice Net lists - (through Oryzabase

Medicago Medicago

Legume Information System

Arabidopsis list?

maize list?


GO List


GDR Rosacea


  • Brent Mishler, UC Berkeley, USA, Brent Mishler (bmishler at

Expertise: systematics, evolution, and ecology of bryophytes

Expertise: Moss systematics, pleurocarpous mosses, moss structural diversity

  • Barbara Crandall-Stotler, Department of Plant Biology Southern Illinois University Bryophytes at SIU, home (crandall at

Expertise: liverworts, apical growth

  • Bernard Goffinet, University of Connecticut Goffinet Lab (bernard.goffinet at

Expertise: molecular systematics of bryophytes and lichens

(will present talk on Physco bioinformatics at our symposium at the IBC)