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PO-FNA webex meeting June 21st 2011

PO-FNA Conf Call Nov 18th, 2011

Link to SourceForge tracker

Link to FNA online glossary, including and introduction/explanation of how the database was create.

PO-FNA mapping results - summary of the initial mapping efforts, plus suggestions on how to proceed.

We now have id's for FNA terms. Still need to add new terms from the FNA list and create mapping file.

Are we okay with using these FNA ids? They are UUID and are very long and contain dashes (e.g., 40b5fa5d-a75b-49d8-8328-b4c28d54ea66). See antheridium (PO:0025125) on dev browser for an example of how it will look.

Where did this synonym go? It is still there, just doesn't show up in AmiGO.

RW is working on modifying a perl script from JE to insert FNA synonyms into the PO file. May needs some help from JE.

-What are the plans after this?

Once mappings are done, want to see how PO shows up in their data base. Show utility of PO for recovering descriptors from free text.

FNA is using natural language processing to map their descriptions to PO. We are starting with plant structures and later will add phenotype descriptors. We will start with leaf characters.

Will use PATO as it has terms available, and add PO terms as needed. Will also help show utility of PO to systematists.

-Others (These may be longer term than the next release):

  • Linking ontology terms to character matrices using Morphobank.