Goal 1. Anatomical Entities

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1. Review existing anatomy/morphology terms and definitions

Cell types related to wood

tracheary elements

  • tracheary element (PO:0000290)
  • tracheid (PO:0000301) need to make it clearer that a perforation is a specific anatomical entity, not just some random hole.
  • vessel member (PO:0002003) vessel element should be primary name and vessel segment should be a related, not exact, synonym

fiber cells

  • sclerenchyma cell (PO:0000077) - parent term
  • fiber cell (PO:0025407)
  • phloem fiber cell (PO:0004519)
  • xylem fiber cell (PO:0000274)
  • libriform fiber cell (PO:0004520)
  • fiber tracheid (PO:0000355)
  • gelatious fiber cell (PO:0025422)

sieve elements (PO:0025406)

  • sieve cell (PO:0025415)
  • sieve tube member (PO:0000289)

New terms for GO

These subcellular components have been added to GO:

  • GO:0097217 sieve area
  • GO:0097218 sieve plate
  • GO:0097219 compound sieve plate
  • GO:0097220 simple sieve plate
  • perforation plate (requested)

initial cells (PO:0004011)

  • cambial initial
  • fusiform initial (PO:0000079) (syn.: xylem initial, xylem mother cell) Need to work on this term. May be better as synonym of cambial initial. Xylem mother cell should not be a synonym, but should be a separate term.
  • ray initial (PO:0000082)
  • phloem mother cell (PO:0000400)

wood parenchyma cells (PO:0004525)

  • axial wood parenchyma cell (PO:0004526)
  • ray wood parenchyma cell(PO:0004527)
  • procumbent ray wood parenchyma cell (PO:0004529) add synonym: procumbent cell
  • upright ray wood parenchyma cell (PO:0004528) add synonym: upright cell
  • sheath cell (PO:0004531)
  • tile cell (PO:0004530)
  • companion cell (PO:0000071)
  • albuminous cell (PO:0025412)

Tissue types related to wood

portion of vascular tissue (PO:0009015)

xylem (PO:0005352)

  • vessel (PO:0025417)
  • primary xylem (PO:0005849)
  • protoxylem (PO:0000272)
  • metaxylem (PO:0000372)
  • secondary xylem (PO:0005848) add comments that ducts are part of secondary xylem
  • heartwood (PO:0004512)
  • sapwood (PO:0004513) add comment that both conduction and storage take place here
  • growth ring (PO:0004514) add annual ring as narrow synonym
  • early wood (PO:0004515)
  • late wood (PO:0004516)
  • growth ring boundary (PO:0004517)

phloem (PO:0005417)

  • sieve tube (PO:0025416)
  • primary phloem (PO:0006075)
  • protophloem (PO:0006077)
  • metaphloem (PO:0006076)
  • internal phloem (PO:0006216)
  • secondary phloem (PO:0005043) also, inner bark. See paper by Junika 87
  • included phloem (PO:0004524)

wood parenchyma (PO:0004532)

  • axial wood parenchyma (PO:0004533)
  • ray wood parenchyma (PO:0004534)

lateral meristem (PO:0020145)

  • cambium (PO:0005597) should specifically refer to a ring of initials (actually, it does this, because it talks about a single layer of cells). Also add term for cambial zone, as a cardinal organ part, because it is not always clear which cells are the initials and there is a gradient of differentiation.
  • cork cambium (PO:0005599)
  • vascular cambium (PO:0005598)


  • vascular system (PO:0000034) is_a plant structure
  • axial system (PO:0025410)
  • ray system (PO:0025411)

2. Develop list of anatomy/morphology terms that are missing

Do we need only wood-related terms, or other terms for woody plants? Will also need terms for some structures found in gymnosperms, such as reproductive structures.

See new page for Wood Ontology PO and GO Term Development.

wood related term suggestions

Terms for PO:

reaction wood/tension wood/compression wood - review by Wilson and Archer

aggregate ray (also maybe homogenous, heterogenous, uniseriate, multiseriate, fusiform rays)

storied cambium and ray

non-storied cambium and ray

aggregate ray, homogenous or heterogeneous, uniseriate, multiseriate

oil cell

ray tracheid

traumatic resin

(apotracheal, paratracheal, marginal, aliform, confluent) axial parenchyma

read review of laticifer cells by Pickering

knot loose and tight

interfascicular cambium

vascular bundle types - amphicentric, vasicentric, medulary

inter- and intra-xylary phloem

successive cambium

epithelium cell

ray tracheid and subtypes

cambial zone

square cell

axial parenchyma strands

resin canal

pith flecks (maybe)

breakdown ray area

cambial zone

xylem mother cell, and work on definition of phloem mother cell and cambial initial

inner and outer bark

terms for how vessels and parenchyma are arranged in wood (e.g., vascicentric)

Terms for GO:

pit, pit types, torus, margo, simple, membrane types, tyloses etc.,

casparian strip

mineral inclusions: calcium oxalate, silica, druses

See good description in Eames, also see Esau.

plant secondary cell wall pit: A cavity in a plant secondary cell wall with an pit membrane, open internally to the lumen.

primary cell wall pit: An area of a primary plant cell wall is thin.

The primary wall of the adjacent cell is also thin in the same place.

Except blind pit, which is only on one side.

pit membrane

simple pit

bordered pit

primary pit field

perforation: the opening between two vessel elements

intrusive growth

cambial dormancy (or just add stage)

other suggestions

Add term xylem cell and phloem cell -- XP of cell and part_of xylem of phloem. Can't create terms for secondary xylem or secondary phloem cells, because most of the cell types can appear in both primary and secondary vascular tissue.

Xylem cell should be linked to the definition of pulp and paper (useful for TO)

Terms for gum/latex/resin? Too broadly defined. Could look up specific definitions in ethnobotanical literature, but people may not use them consistently.