The cROP (Common Reference Ontologies for Plants) Initiative

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The vision of the cROP initiative is to develop a reference set of ontologies for all plants, by analogy with, and in collaboration with, the OBO (Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies) Foundry.

For details see Planteome website

The first proposed set of ontologies to be developed within the cROP Initiative is as follows:

  1. PO*: Plant Ontology
  2. GO: Gene Ontology
  3. PRO: Protein Ontology
  4. TO*: Plant Trait Ontology
  5. EO*: Environment Ontology (plant treatments) browse at Gramene
  6. ENVO: Ontology of environmental features and habitats
  7. PATO: Phenotype Quality Ontology
  8. Taxonomy: USDA-GRIN / NCBI / New?
  9. GAZ: An Ontologically-Informed Gazetteer (geographical locations)
  10. Plant IDO*: Plant Infectious Disease Ontology [1]
  11. Plant Diseases*: List of plant diseases
  12. CHEBI: dictionary of molecular entities
  13. PCO: Population and Community ontology

For ontologies labeled *, the Planteome group may adopt their development.

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