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To-do list for Next Release:

  • Need to update the download page and the citations pages
    • PO:IDs in definitions working as links

Ontology Revision Priorities

  • Complete old user requests/SF tracker items- Ongoing process....

Continue revisions and adding new terms for wood ontology

Most terms are in the PAE branch or for GO.

Can continue to add annotations as we go along, as well.

Potato Annotations

LC has been in contact with the group who published the potato genome paper and they are interested in collaborating with us to assign ontology terms to the annotations.

From Dr. Richard Finker (Wageningen, The Netherlands):

"We are also interested to use trait ontologies to assist in candidate gene selection within regions of interest, I'm eager to discuss with you on the efforts of cross linking ontologies to biological relevant entities. e.g. a metabolite content trait to its e.g. chebi ontology ID, form which we could obtain info about the pathway."

This will go in the next release, do they have expression data- RNA Seq?

Wood Annotations

TreeGenes and Fagaceae Genomics Web

Browser Update:

- What is the status of the update to AmiGO 2.0?

- move files to live tag, update /trunk/ontology/OBO_format/Readme.txt

- file naming and which variations of the file to create for each release - check with cjm

- update translations synonyms- send to Ale and YY