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Mapping of Arabidopsis growth stages defined by Boyes et al. vs Plant Ontology growth and development stages.

Stage Number Approx.number of days * Description PO_ID PO_TERM_NAME
0 Seed germinationPO:00070570 seed germination stage
0.13.0 (on plates)Seed imbibitionPO:0007022seed imbibition stage
0.54.3 (on plates)Radicle emerges from seed coatPO:0007015radicle emergence stage
0.75.5 (on plates)Hypocotyl and cotyledon emerge from seed coatPO:0007043hypocotyl emergence stage
1 Leaf developmentPO:0007133leaf production stage
1.0 6.0 (on plates)Cotyledons fully openPO:0007049cotyledon emergence stage
1.0210.3 (on plates) 12.52 rosette leaves are greater than 1 mm in lengthPO:0007098LP.02 two leaves visible stage
1.0314.4 (on plates) 15.93 rosette leaves are greater than 1 mm in lengthPO:0007106LP.03 three leaves visible stage
1.0416.54 rosette leaves are greater than 1mm in lengthPO:0007115LP.04 four leaves visible stage
1.0517.75 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007065LP.05 five leaves visible stage
1.0618.46 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007123LP.06 six leaves visible stage
1.0719.47 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007063LP.07 seven leaves visible stage
1.08208 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007095LP.08 eight leaves visible stage
1.0921.19 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007101LP.09 nine leaves visible stage
1.121.610 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007103LP.10 ten leaves visible stage
1.1122.211 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007116LP.11 eleven leaves visible stage
1.1223.312 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007064LP.12 twelve leaves visible stage
1.1324.813 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007083LP.13 thirteen leaves visible stage
1.1425.514 rosette leaves are greater than 1mmPO:0007085LP.14 fourteen leaves visible stage
3 Rosette GrowthPO:0007113rosette growth stage
3.218.9Rosette is 20% of final sizePO:0007081early rosette growth stage
3.524Rosette is 50% final sizePO:0007068mid rosette growth stage
3.727.4Rosette is 70% final sizePO:0007076late rosette growth stage
3.929.3Rosette growth is completePO:0007078rosette growth complete stage
5 Inflorescence emergencePO:0007041inflorescence emergence stage
5.126First flower buds are visible in the rosette, plant has not yet boltedPO:0007006IL.00 inflorescence just visible stage
6 Flower productionPO:0007016whole plant flowering stage
631.8First flower is open, petals are at 90 degree angle to the pistilPO:0007026FL.00 first flower(s) open stage
6.135.910% flowers to be produced are openPO:0007026FL.00 first flower(s) open stage
6.340.130% flowers to be produced are openPO:0007034FL.01 1/4 of flowers open stage
6.543.550 % flowers to be produced are openPO:0007053FL.02 1/2 of flowers open stage
6.949.4Flowering complete, flowers are no longer produced.PO:0007024FL.04 end of flowering stage
8 Silique ripening Seed pods become brown and then shatter.PO:0007010whole plant fruit ripening stage
8.048First silique shatteredPO:0007050late whole plant fruit ripening stage
9 Senescence (Plant starts to lose pigment becoming brownish)PO:0007017sporophyte senescent stage
9.7 Senescence complete; ready for seed harvestPO:0007017sporophyte senescent stage
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